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Nopal Cactus (Opuntia)

The fruit of the Nopal Cactus (Opuntia) blooms in one of the most inflamed places on earth - the Sonoran Desert. The fruit, some label as the Nopal Fig contains a unique group of anti-oxidants called Bioflavinoids in one of the highest concentrations of any plant, fruit or vegetable in the world. These Bioflavinoids help the Nopal fruit thrive in the desert's extreme weather conditions and inflamed environment.

There are 24 different and unique Bioflavinoids within the Nopal Cactus. These have been scientifically proven to help relieve pain, improve breathing, reduce swelling in joints and muscles and support healthy blood pressure.

Everyday our bodies are exposed to dangerous toxins in the air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat - things like pollution, plastics, cosmetics, cigarette smoke, chemicals in our drinking water. We're also bombarded with toxins created in our own bodies - think about nutrient deficiencies, cellulite, allergies, emotional stress, indigestion, hangovers, bad breath, etc..

These toxins can poison the vital fluid that surrounds the cells to keep them healthy - the result... inflammation and disease. As the fluid around a cell becomes increasingly toxic the cell itself withers and eventually collapses under the weight of the toxic load.


Nopalea combats these daily toxins by harnessing the power of Bioflavinoids. After drinking Nopalea the body can absorb these antioxidants and infuse them into the fluid surrounding the cell. From there the Bioflavinoids help the body eliminate unwanted toxins and excess water to help reduce inflammation. This balances the environment around the cell and allows essential elements enter into the cell itself. Your cells can reinflate and rehydrate so that your body can enjoy optimum cellular health and you can pursue lifelong wellness.

Nopalea A Review Of The Wellness Drink By Trivita

Nopalea is a drink that is made by Trivita. It is said to promote overall health and wellness in human beings, because its main ingredient is the fruit of the Nopal Cactus. This fruit is said to be full of phytochemicals called betalins, which are said to basically be health-promoting chemicals that block inflammation-causing enzymes in the human body. Although it is meant to serve primarily as a cure for inflammation, Trivita Nopalea is also promoted as a wellness drink that provides an immune system boost, brain protection, and anti-toxin activity.

The Nopal fruit is described by Trivita as being an incredible food, full of health-promoting betalins that most people do not naturally have.

However, these claims are not necessarily completely true. Betalins can actually be found in all kinds of foods, some of which include beets, spinach, quinoa, and rhubarb. Therefore, although betalins may help maintain a person’s overall health, they definitely are not very rare and most humans do consume them on a fairly daily basis.

That being said, a daily dose of betalins from Nopalea juice could definitely be helpful to anyone. Although they may not be as rare as Trivita advertises them to be, they still do promote good overall health.

As far as Nopalea side effects go, there are close to none. However, there is a slight risk of hypoglycemia in diabetic patients since the Nopal fruit does have a tendency to affect the body’s blood sugar levels. That being said, if you maintain a healthy diet along with a decent amount of exercise and a diabetes medication, Nopalea probably will not cause you any harm.

Most Nopalea reviews say that the drink is very effective and helpful for some people, but is useless for others. In general, there is no way to find out until you try it yourself. It can be a bit expensive, but it seems that it could definitely be worth the money.

Overall, Nopalea may not be the absolute cure to all of life’s illnesses, but it could be a great way to keep your body healthy if it is also supplemented by a good diet and exercise.

Nopale Cactus Juice

As seen on TV Nopalea, is a juice concentrate from the fruit of the Nopal cactus. Our cactus juice is for pain management & pain relief. Nopalea is the flagship product at TriVita.

TriVita has been in business for over 12 years now and all TriVita vitamins and supplements have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Watch this TriVita YouTube video about the Nopal pear juice from the Sonoran desert, the most extreme desert in the world.

Use Nopalea for all types of pain management and pain relief. Right after Halloween 2009, I started having jaw pain that went on for one month. I should have went to the Doctor, but didn't, you know how stubborn guys can be about visiting the Doctor.

Always see you Doctor or Physician if you are having health related issues, don't be hesitant like I was.

Anyways, the right side of my jaw was swollen and was causing me a lot of pain, I could feel the inflammation inside of my mouth with my finger. This went on for about one month and it was becoming very difficult to open my mouth to simply eat a sandwich for lunch.

I get two bottles of Nopalea every month but save it for my daughter as she has cystic fibrosis, it seems to help her.

Remembering I had Nopalea, I decided to drink it and used about 3-6 ounces twice a day, and in three days my jaw pain dissappeared completely. The inflammation on the inside of my mouth was gone and so was my jaw pain.

The Bioflavonoids in Nopalea are super nutrients from the fruit of the Nopal cactus. These Bioflavonoids are very rare, and are found high concentration in the fruit of the Nopal cactus.

The Nopal cactus Bioflavonoids have been proven through hundreds of scientific studies to help with inflammation. My jaw pain absolutely went away and I know it was because of this amazing juice concentrate.

What type of pain are you suffering from?
If you have jaw pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain or other types of back pain, use this amazing cactus juice concentrate.

If you have shoulder pain, neck pain, hip or joint pain order Nopalea. Maybe you have swollen ankles or ankle pain, maybe you have knee pain, lower back pain or chronic pain.

Quit suffering from unnecessary pain, our nopal pear juice is your solution. Nopalea worked for me and it will work for you also. Remember, all TriVita products have a 60 day money back guarantee.

I have been an Independent TriVita affiliate member for close to four years now and have never had one refund request for any TriVita products! That's amazing! TriVita has top of the line health and wellness products all backed by an outstanding guarantee.

If you have skin problems or need a detox diet, get our flagship product now.

Nopalea Juice and Benefits

You may have heard of nopalea juice, and are wondering if it can benefit you? This amazing and natural product has many excellent features, which can’t be found in any other substance. To help you discover if it is the right choice for your specific situation or health concerns, let’s examine it in more detail below.
A General Overview of Nopalea Juice.

Nopalea juice is made from the fruit of the Nopal cactus, which is indigenous to the Sonoran Desert. It is marketed by Trivita, and they manufacture this product according to their own high internal standards.

They process it aseptically with only moderate levels of heat, and entirely within a vacuum. Why does this matter? Trivita does this to keep the active substances within the juice fully intact, making sure you get potent inflammation reduction in every bottle!

Battles Toxins and Inflammation!

Nopalea juice has been used to promote health for many years by the natives of the desert region where it is found. Science has recently discovered it to be a tremendous source of betalains, which are uncommonly powerful antioxidants. Betalains have the ability to detoxify naturally, and they have anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Nopalea juice

As toxins build up in your system, these can cause problems within the body. With our increasingly polluted environment and food, it is impossible to avoid contamination of one degree or another. Pesticides are regularly used when growing crops, and chemical additives are routinely added to prepackaged food items. These enhance flavor and increase shelf life, yet no one truly knows their effect when combined in the body.

While this is an unsettling fact, the good news is betalains can neutralize these harmful compounds. They work to remove them gently from the body’s tissues, and to create a healthy internal environment once again. One of the by-products of toxic overload is often inflammation, and betalains are extremely effective at neutralizing this issue.

Chronic inflammation can damage the body over time, and can show up in a number of different ways. You may experience swollen joints in your fingers or toes, and some people see this as simply a regular part of aging. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and it indicates dangerous underlying inflammation is present!

This inflammation can cause pain to develop, and your joints may become achy or stiff. If this describes your situation, nopalea juice could be the natural remedy you’ve been looking for. It can reverse the problems you are experiencing, and alleviate the pain which accompanies such inflammation.

This excellent product has several other benefits as well. These include:

  • Scientifically verified antioxidant compounds – This product is the only one to include all 24 types of betalains found in nature.
  • Helps to prevent premature aging – Nopalea works to rejuvenate the skin, and repair skin damage on a cellular level.
  • Benefits the respiratory system – It can alleviate problems with breathing associated with asthma or allergies.
  • Natural formulation – It contains no synthetic ingredients, meaning it is as nature intended.
  • Hydrates the body – This juice helps to re-balance your cell’s activity, allowing hydration to get where it is needed.

Nopalea Side Effects?

Because of its natural formula, this product is well tolerated by most individuals. However, you should always consult your doctor before adding new supplements to your diet, especially if you are currently on medication for a health condition. That being said, there are not usually any nopalea side effects, unless a food allergy is present.

Nopalea juice contains many other wonderful fruits as well, like raspberry, strawberry, papaya, kiwi, pomegranate, cranberry, apple, apricot, mango, orange and bilberry. If you have known allergies to any of these, you should avoid using this product. Also, people sometimes report altered bowel function in the first month of use, but this is usually a positive sign.

How so? The included digestive enzymes and increased detoxification are probably causing this effect, and this means they are removing harmful compounds from your system! This is great news, and will help you to regain a higher level of health overall.

So, in conclusion, nopalea has many wonderful benefits which can improve your situation. If you want to rid your body of unhealthy toxins, reduce your inflammation, relieve your pain and prevent premature aging, nopalea juice is perfect for you!

With all natural ingredients and a special blend of antioxidants found only in this excellent product offered by Trivita, you can’t afford to do without nopalea juice. So, why not purchase your supply today, and begin restoring your health faster than you thought possible?

Nopalea Scam – Is Nopalea juice a scam?

Have you been reading all the interesting articles on the internet about this miracle juice? Maybe you’re wondering if nopalea scam or not? Well let’s find out.

First of all by now you probably know that this miracle juice is made from the fruit of the nopal cactus. TriVita take the juice of the cactus and mix it with a natural form of sugar to make it palatable and then sell it to you with a promise of health promises.

Determining whether this works or not means weighing the benefits up against the negatives to determine what customers had to say. Reading through all the reviews, it was really difficult to find some negatives about this wonder juice.

Positives You Need To Know Whether Nopalea Scam or Not?

Deciding whether nopalea scam or not means reading through the benefits this juice offers. There is a wealth of positive benefits this wonder juice offers and if used for a couple of days, weeks or months the results prove themselves.

Some of the positives include:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce swelling
  • Helps with breathing problems
  • Helps with digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome
  • Acts as a natural detox
  • Protects overall health
  • Boosts immune system

Looking at all these positives, if this juice is able to offer these with it also including no preservatives and only natural sugars, it truly is a miracle juice.

People all over the world suffering with arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma and Parkinson’s disease have told how the juice has worked for them, proving the claims that nopalea scam is untrue.

Negatives You Should Be Aware Of Nopalea scam or Not?

Of course with any product claiming to be a miracle juice to remedy such a wide selection of problems, disorders and diseases, you are going to find some negative facts.

It did take a lot of digging to find some negatives as everyone seems to believe that this juice truly is a miracle cure for all their problems.

The ingredients are not mentioned, so you may find you have an allergic reaction to the ingredients in Nopalea. You need to be warned of this and if you have any allergies it’s worthwhile posting to a blog to see if anyone else is taking it with the same allergies you have or consult with your doctor before starting the juice.

There is no scientific evidence that this juice works. There is evidence that it has the same healthy properties you would find from eating your fruit and vegetables every day nothing more. There are no medical reviews or tests that have taken place; it’s just the manufacturer’s word you have to go on.

There have been claims that the juice has caused hot flushes and chest pains in some users, but this is a tiny handful in comparison to all the happy customers all over the world.

The last negative is the price. Nopalea juice isn’t cheap, now well it’s considered a miracle juice the price is still a little steep for my liking.

Conclusion of Nopalea scam or not

So is nopalea scam or not? After reading all the customer reviews, taking all the positives and negatives into consideration, it’s fair to say that it is not a scam and that it really does work.

Nopalea Reviews

The first step in the Nopalea reviews process was to determine exactly what this juice is and what it does for you. This is a wellness juice that is made from the fruit of the Nopal cactus.

It is sold as a drink that offers anti-inflammatory, immune boosters and reduces swelling. Thousands of people are flocking to buy this miracle cure to help with aches, pains, breathing problems and natural detox, but is it really what it says on the bottle?

While writing this review, I am going to take all the benefits and weigh them up against the negatives to come to a conclusion that will help you determine whether this wellness juice is the right choice for you.

The Benefits of Nopalea Juice

You’ve probably read through all the Nopalea reviews available on the internet by now to see whether this juice is really what it says or whether it’s a scam and a complete waste of money.

People who are currently using this wellness juice all claim positive outcomes. It is said that it reduces inflammation and swelling and it protects your overall health. Of course it’s like saying that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but does this juice really do what it says it does?

There are reports that this juice helps with breathing problems and digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. You will need to take the juice for a couple of days before seeing results, but according to the Nopalea reviews it really does work.

There are no preservatives or sweeteners in the juice, they have only used a natural form of sugar to make it tasty, otherwise it could be bitter and very unpleasant.

Looking at all the benefits, it’s no surprise that people are bustling through the doors to buy this wellness drink that is claiming to be a miracle cure for all sorts of ailments from aches and pains to digestive and breathing disorders.

The Negatives of Nopalea Juice

Now we get to the truth of the matter to determine whether this juice really works. Writing Nopalea reviews, I want to ensure that you have all the facts before spending your hard earned money.

The first negative is that there is no scientific proof that this juice really works. Nopal cactus is good for you, but it’s on a par to apples or oranges. Eat your fruit and veg each day to stay healthy; the same goes for this cactus juice.

The exact ingredients are not mentioned, so you may find that you are allergic to the juice. There have been reports of a woman with chest pains after taking this juice and others that seem to develop hot flushes after drinking it.

The last big negative is the price. It’s not cheap at all, now we have been told it is a miracle drink, but the price should be reduced to make this miracle available to many more people all over the world.

Finally in Nopalea Reviews

When you look at all the benefits in the Nopalea reviews and weigh them up against the negatives, it’s obvious that this juice really does help people. If you want optimum health or reduce swelling and pain, the price may not matter as long as you are fit and healthy again.